Helping Clients Work Towards Their Financial Goals

BEN HAS PARTICULAR EXPERTISE IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Budgeting for personal and business, so that there is capital remaining for investing to reaching one’s financial goals.  Retirement planning to allow individuals and families maintain their standard of living, with reviews of investments and tax strategies.  Investing: reviewing existing and future investments to expose the benefits to succeeding in financial goals.  Types of investments, as well as the wish for financial success needs to be studied for possible results, including real estate, gas wells, and retirement planning.

Beneficiary Designations: Do you have the correct beneficiaries of your life insurance, retirement plans, wills, and trusts?!  The beneficiary designation is who the proceeds would go.  This needs to be checked periodically, particularly if there has been a marriage or divorce.

Estate Planning: With reference to above, do you have a will?  Do you have durable power of attorney?  Do you have other legal instruments necessary to protect yourself and loved ones?  With estate planning, taxes are usually involved and Justice Holmes stated that there was no obligation for individuals to pay the government more than they had to.  Is your estate set up to pay an overpayment?  More importantly, are the beneficiaries accurate and are your inheritants correct? Is your estate set up properly by a competent attorney?  The area of estate planning is one, in which professional advice it is possible to both “do right” and “do well.” 

Insurance: In the many years of practice there is probably not a more misunderstood product than life insurance.  Life insurance is sold and not purchased!  Many difficulties arise for the following thoughts: insufficient life insurance or disability coverage, incorrect beneficiaries, incorrect life insurance to cover the needs, paying too much for life insurance products, the wrong product for the wrong purpose, and so on.  Property and Casualty Insurance is often thought of in terms of home owners and automobile coverage. Do you have enough liability protection to take care of law suits?  Is everyone covered in your family or business that needs to be?  Do you have a agent that understands your needs and total coverage?  When is the last time that you actually sat down with your agent to review said policies?

In addition to the above, there are many intricacies that needs to be explored, such as: paying for college education or higher learning; taking care of older siblings, or parents, and the best method; tax shelters that will not single you out for an IRS audit; and helping you find peace of mind with financial matters.

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