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Most people put off doing what is very important to them because they lack understanding or are afraid. This is particularly true of financial matters. It is a proven fact that over 80% of those facing retirement have no idea, other than perhaps Social Security benefits, of what income they will receive for living expenses. Many people pay too much in taxes, because of lack of knowledge of how the system works; many individuals have no idea about their retirement plans and the funding thereof; the cost of higher education is often a problem, and not properly planned for under current tax laws; life and health insurance is a mystery to everyone, and often times the ownership of the wrong type of expensive policies need to be reviewed; asset protection is another problem, as many people are going to be sued by those wanting to transfer wealth from you to them; far too often, people invest in the wrong type of equities because of lack of knowledge; and believe that estate planning and transfer of wealth is only for the super wealthy.

We have found that many of our clients have a particular financial problem, which can be solved in a very short period of time. Others of wealth seek answers to many of the situations mentioned in the above paragraph, which creates a strategy, and a personal involvement that they have not conceived. Under current tax law, many wealthy individuals are unknowingly giving the government many hundreds of thousands of dollars during their life or death that could go to their families or charities.

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